Themes Offered


THEMES offered for exploration by the young people, during ‘The Esker Experience’ :

We seek to touch on many of the following:

1st Year Themes-New beginnings:

Friendship, Bonding, Getting to know each other,  Acceptance, Transition from Primary to secondary school, Continuing faith after Confirmation, Meditation and Prayer.

2nd Year –Values, Attitudes and beliefs:

Attitudes to self and others, Peer-identity, self-discovery, self-image, Bonding, exploring God in their lives, Bullying, Inclusion, Respect & Reverence, Values, What I believe, Meditation and prayer.

3rd year-Who am I?

Pressure of Junior Cert, Dreams/Fears, confidence, dealing with stress, Having a personal relationship with God, happiness, heroes, Prayer time, meditation.

TY/ 4th Year - Masks we wear

– Belonging, Acceptance,Communications, Choices, Transition to Senior Cycle, Relationships, and peer pressure, self-esteem, Prayer, Meditation, vocation, family, leadership.

5th Year-Relationships

Meaningful relationships, Right Choices/Decisions, Who is God, Healing, Forgiveness,  Self-discovery, Respect/ReverenceMeditation prayer.

6th Year- Saying yes to life

Reflection on our past, present and future, Life as a journey, Stereotypes (Male/Female) ,  Change and Choice, Dealing with Stress, Moving On, Vocation, the Mystery/Wonder of God in all of life.


The themes are explored through pottery, art, discussion groups, activity groups and guided self-discovery, self and group affirmations, focussed discussion, walking debate,  brain-storming, power-points, games, ice-breakers, drama, singing.

Weather permitting we do a pilgrim walk that is a reflection on relationship to place(s), nature,  people, our roots, finding God in everything.

All retreats begin with a prayer service and end with Mass or Para liturgy.

Retreat team is flexible and deals with young people’s issues as they arise.

Requests taken if a school wants a particular issue covered.