What is ‘The Esker Experience’?

‘Come apart by yourself and rest awhile (Mark 6:31)

‘The Esker Experience’

  • offers young people the opportunity to come away together to a quiet place, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Esker, to have fun, and activities and reflective time together.
  • offers them the time and opportunity to celebrate together their own humanity and affirm their dignity and self-worth, and to bond more with each other
  • offers them a space to voice their questions, doubts and struggles, in a safe place where they are listened to.
  • offers them the space and time to experience themselves and others with truth and real joy.
  • offers them, if they wish, the chance to discover (again?) the joy of who they truly are, as seen through the understanding eyes and wonderful welcome of Jesus Christ. ‘We cannot keep such joy to ourselves!
  • offers a chance to celebrate Life, in people and in nature, in a variety of ways.
  • offers a chance to use art, music, pottery, discussion, ice-breakers, games, writing, drama, -according to the length of time they have here in their Esker Experience.
  • ‘The Esker Experience’ ideally begins at 9.30am and concludes at 3.30pm. Arrival in good time is requested, so that students do not miss out on any part of this special day apart. (This may require an early start, together with a later arrival home,- as is normal with some other school outings during the year.)