Feedback from Students & Teachers:

From Teachers:

  • About the Facilities…’Excellent facilities’ /  ‘Very good for both students and teachers/ Students very impressed with Meditation Area.’
  • About the Team: ‘Professional, caring, very much in touch with today’s youth, well able to keep their attention,- very organised from the time we stepped off the bus.’
  • ‘The kids were very positive about the team.’
  • The students benefited greatly from the experience’.
  • Student feedback was also excellent’.
  • ‘The only request from students (TY) was – could we do an overnight at the end of the year in Esker’.
From Students:
‘I liked and enjoyed all aspects of the retreat.’

‘I loved the surroundings.’

‘I like the way my whole year bonded together.’

‘I really enjoyed my visit to Esker. Thank you!’

‘Sooo good. So fun. Loved the sessions, food, people. Good to get back religion.

‘Bonding with people we don’t usually talk to. ‘

‘The meditation was cool. Felt very refreshed after it.’

‘I would love to go back again, it will be one of, if not the best, memory of leaving cert year. Thank you so so so much…’

‘Thanks a million for everything. We have so many memories. I feel sorry for the girls that didn’t go… they really missed out. Thanks a bunch, Esker. Thanks again.’ 

‘I would love, love, love to go back.’ 

‘I would love to go back again with our year before the Leaving Cert….’

‘I loved the final Mass  with everyone in the year’